“I don’t have any friends”

“I don’t have any friends”.

Maybe sometimes that thought just pops into your heads. It’s not that you literally  have 0 friend in this world, but you feel like you don’t have enough friends. And that thought, makes you feel lonely and unloved. And most probably unlikable.

I used to think like that too.

I used to compare myself to others. Or should i say, i compare my friends to theirs. Do i have more friends than her? Are my friends as fun as theirs? And as the saying goes, The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  We human will always think others have it better. We are never satisfied with our own situation. It doesn’t matter even if i have 1000 friends, i would probably still feel that way.

Moreover, in this technology era, people use social media to expose their “super happy” life. Everything always seem so perfect in insta stories. They show how much they are having fun. (Of course they wouldn’t expose their sadness and problems, right?)

And those things, used to ruin my mood. I got envy and overthinking, even though i know their life aren’t that perfect. I still think that my life is just.. not better than theirs.



But then, at one point of my life, i realized that i should stop focusing on what others have, and start to see what i have. And that, really changed my life. I just realized that i got so many people that loves me. Maybe i don’t have that much friends, but i have those people which you can call “TRUE FRIENDS.” Those best friends whom i know would never leave me, and still love me, even if i do something bad. People that makes me become a better person.

I stopped trying to fit into some groups of friends that i wanted to join. I stopped trying to please everyone so they can love me. Instead, i cherished what i already have more. I spent more time with them, loved them, listened to their stories.

And at that moment, i finally found what is called happiness. I felt so grateful, so blessed, and so loved.

You will, too, if you stop looking at others’ grass, and start to see how green your grass is.

And with that positive vibes, naturally you will become more approachable. People will get interested to becoming friends with you. You will get more friends, and among them, maybe you will find another true friends.

So if you ask me, ” what is the key to happiness?  ”

i would definitely answer, “being grateful of what you have.”